What’s The Difference Between Woman Or Women?

What's The Difference Between Woman Or Women?

Woman or Women

There are several aspects that need to be addressed in distinguishing the woman or women. When looking into the differences of woman and women,  there are two key differences. First of all is the form of both woman and women. Secondly, it is about the meaning of woman and women, which is more likely connected to their usage within the context. It is just a simple process to look deeply and know the answer of these two key differences. Woman or women? Let’s explore more below to know their differences.

Trick to Recognize the Difference

Apart from looking at the shape, the easiest way to tell the difference is through the audio form – which in this context is related to pronunciation. You can also distinguish them visually using the mnemonic device. Either the woman or women come from the same root word: ‘man/men’. Thus, you can use the same rules as you differentiate those words too!

Comparison of Woman and Women?

  1.   Form

Obviously, the two words have forms that are visually distinguishable. The presence of different vowels, the ‘a’ and ‘e’, are intended as differentiators in their use. It relates to the depiction of quantity, where ‘woman’ refers to the singular and ‘women’ is the plural form.

  1.   Meaning

As explained above, both words come from root words that describe gender. The woman or women represent the opposite sex of the ‘man/men’ which are female human and adult female. Moreover, they can also be used to express a certain age range or maturity.

  1.   Examples
  • Woman

“Did you hear that? Woman’s scream over there!”

“Hey, a woman just asked about you. Was it your mom?”

“Can you tell the woman to wait?”

  • Women

“Those women are the feminism activists.”

“Some women are waiting for you in the office.”

“Are those women your relatives?”

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Extra Notes

Detained Explanation of Woman: Dictionary.com
Detained Explanation of Women: Dictionary.com

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