The Complete IELTS Malaysia Study Guide 2023

Of the many standardized tests to choose from, one of the most sought after is the International English Language Testing System, the IELTS. IELTS test is a popular academic test since its widely accepted feature and the worldwide networking that can be used for various purposes: professional, business, and academic.

Of course, along with this popularity, there is also a fee that needs to be incurred. And as one of the most famous standardized tests in the world, IELTS tests cost quite a bit. If the test takers do not prepare themselves carefully and get unsatisfactory results, the spent costs will be in vain.

What is IELTS?

IELTS academic was issued by one of the non-departmental institutions affiliated with the United Kingdom government. Today, IELTS is held in various parts of the world in collaboration with other vast networking private organizations such as the IDP Education, British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English. Likewise, the commissions of IELTS Malaysia are also licensed by IDP Education.

As a standardized test, IELTS is widely used for formal to state purposes, especially those related to the British government. It also applies to its various derivative institutions too. IELTS tests prioritize English proficiency certification from the IELTS test over other language certifications: making IELTS so much sought after by many people, given its wide use.

You can also expect that IELTS’s English style will tend to be British rather than American or others. For this very reason, the use of IELTS is also becoming more widespread in other countries where the language of instruction tends to be British English. Therefore, an equally important preparation is needed even for those more accustomed to using styles other than the British. It also makes IELTS Malaysia more suitable to be taken, considering the existence of this country as a part of the commonwealth country.

Why take the IELTS?

As a language, English can be said to have succeeded in achieving a role as a unifying language. Gradually, the function of this language also finally shifted from its main function as a communication tool such as reading and writing to becoming a standard of competence and a determinant of prestige status.

English is then transformed into a skill that also determines the paradigm of various social, professional, or academic contexts: people with good English skills are considered to have higher abilities than those who do not. Various strategic positions at diverse levels, whether community, corporate or any organization, require people to have proficient language skills. With this phenomenon, proof of English language proficiency is essential.

Hence, the test results of IELTS test Malaysia which also named IELTS score are a great solution for language certification needs. In addition to the reasons outlined above, another thing why it is so popular as a chosen test is the existence of a design that assesses overall language proficiency. It is done by measuring the skill that is considered relevant. The test designs used by IELTS academic are considered more appropriate in determining language proficiency compared to the scheme used by other standardized language tests.

Types of IELTS Examination

There are two types of IELTS for test takers to take during the test day. Here is the description in more detail about the type of IELTS Malaysia:

  1. The first category is the most popular IELTS test. This is a standardized test with certification for various general purposes and can be further divided into two types which are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training:
  • IELTS Academic. This category is for applicants who need IELTS certification for academic or study abroad purposes. The results can be used for admission to various schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions around the world.
  • IELTS General Training. This is mostly used for more general use, usually in professional contexts and matters related to skilled purposes.
  1. IELTS for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI). This category of IELTS is needed for visa processing and formal paperwork related to the British government appliance. The difference is only in the implementation of the test, where there is a more specific mechanism.

Where to take the IELTS exam in Malaysia?

The test centres are available and located in many major cities. With lots of venues to choose from, you can find the closest and easiest test centre to reach from your location. To get the complete list of test centres, you can visit the official portal owned by IELTS Malaysia. From this portal, you can also register, book, and ask questions through the customer care and support services they provide. Gentle reminder, you should take a look on the IELTS test dates too before conducting the registration.

IELTS registration in Kuala Lumpur

As explained earlier, you can access various information about the test place and IELTS test dates for IELTS Malaysia directly. Moreover, you can also register online and download the registration form files there. You only need to prepare an original identification document, whether an ID card or passport; after that, you must complete the downloaded form file and submit it to your chosen test center to finish the registration. In the end, conduct the IELTS test at selected test day.

IELTS test fees in Malaysia

With an extensive network, they can adjust not only their fees nationally but even internationally: the IELTS test fee between countries is approximately the same amount, adjusted for each exchange rate and currency.

So here is the IELTS price list in Malaysia:

  • The IELTS Academic and General (MYR 795)
  • The IELTS for UKVI (MYR 895)

What is the test structure of IELTS in Malaysia?

For the test format used by IELTS as a standardized test, they base their assessment on measuring various language proficiency skills including the IELTS listening test, IELTS speaking test, and more. Each test category also has its own specific scheme, but broadly speaking, there are four skills that will be measured in the IELTS exam Malaysia:

  • Listening

– There are four recordings that will be played during the test.

– Each will be played only once.

– A total of 40 questions.

– Test time is 30 minutes.

  • Reading

– Divided into two: academic and general training.

– Schematically, the two are the same, only differing in the tested questions’ substance.

– A total of 40 questions.

– Test time is 60 minutes.

  • Writing

– Similar to reading, it is divided into academic and general training.

– The difference only lies in the substance of the tasks which focus in writing.

– A total of 2 tasks which related to articles writing.

– Test time is 60 minutes.

  • Speaking

– Testing will be carried out directly by a native speaker as the examiner.

– The conversation will be recorded.

– A total of 3 parts.

– Test time 11-14 minutes.

What is the score level of IELTS Malaysia Results?

For the testing scheme used by IELTS Malaysia as a standardized test, IELTS academic base their assessment on the measurement of various skills related to language proficiency. For the calculation of the score, also known as the ‘band score’, IELTS result uses a scheme that is quite unique and different from other standardized tests for language proficiency.

Their total scores range from 1 to 9. To interpret this score, practitioners usually compare it with the language measurement standards issued by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Their framework stretches from the lowest level of A1 to the highest level of C2.

How can you prepare for the IELTS exam?

Of course, the best recommendation is to take an IELTS practice test or preparation course around you. But there is no need to bother looking anymore because we at Wall Street English have provided an IELTS practice English course and practice test for those test takers who intend to prepare or take the IELTS exam Malaysia in the near future.


How much does IELTS cost in Malaysia?

The cost of taking this test is not cheap. Here is the IELTS price list in Malaysia: (1) The IELTS Academic and General – MYR 795; (2) The IELTS for UKVI – MYR 895.

Do Malaysians need to take the IELTS?

Malaysians need to take IELTS, especially for those who have professional, administrative, or academic interests related to English Language certification. Furthermore, IELTS’s English style will tend to be British. For this very reason, the use of IELTS is also becoming more widespread in other countries where the language of instruction tends to be British English. It also makes IELTS more suitable to be taken, considering the existence of Malaysia as a part of the Commonwealth country.

What are the differences between IELTS and MUET?

These two standardized tests have very different purposes, even from their basic design. MUET is only for testing English language skills for a specific purpose: academic proficiency. Meanwhile, IELTS is for more general and holistic purposes.

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