Star Education Fair 2022 – More Students Looking Forward To Learning English And Grabbing Their Opportunity

Star Education Fair Campaign

Star Education Fair 2022 was organized at Sunway Convention Center on August 27 and 28

SUBANG JAYA: Star Media Group will organize an education fair every year for teenagers or people who need information on education or looking for recommended courses, skill development institutions and vocational training. In 2022, the Star Education Fair was held on August 27 and 28 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center! Many education providers and professionals attended the education fair, various programs, courses, and career opportunities were available too.  

Successful education fair that grabbed a lot of attention from teenagers

As one of the biggest educational events in Malaysia, Star Media Group regularly holds their signature: the Star Education Fair. Every year, more than 65,000 enthusiasts take part, both as participants and as education providers – most of these are teenagers and youngsters. Within the 2 days event, Star Education Fair 2022 was able to grab attention from teenagers and youngsters who are interested in further studies. According to several institutions and education providers, they were glad to have the opportunities in joining the event as the outcome was great. 

Wall Street English has successfully engaged up to 300 teenagers who wish to enhance their English language

Wall Street English was part of the Star Education Fair 2022. During the event, Wall Street English managed to gather more than 300 young people who enthusiastically want to develop their English language skills. Most of their goals are quite diverse, from wanting to develop their interests and abilities, to having sufficient competence in dealing with academic needs, as well as the ability to conquer the challenges of the work field. It is a great experience and opportunity for Wall Street English to explore its connections.  

The Mystery Box campaign for the Education Fair 2022 was highly successful as many joiners grabbed the discounts they wanted

In Star Education Fair 2022, Wall Street English organized a campaign named “The Mystery Box” specifically for the education fair.  By participating in that campaign, participants engaged in our booth at the Education Fair 2022 can win discount coupons – the coupons are in various amounts. Throughout the whole campaign, many participants who engaged in a Wall Street English booth during the education fair were able to grab the discounts they wanted!

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