Restaurant or Cafe? Key differences between them.

Restaurant or Cafe? Key differences between them.

Restaurant or Cafe? 

After the international world “liberated” itself from the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone immediately rushed to enjoy the beauty of the outside world. The various restraints that used to limit everyone’s range of motion, now disappeared in the New Normal atmosphere. The retail business is slowly getting back on its feet: various shops are re-opening. This is also experienced by the culinary sector.

It seems like many people love to eat outside today. After almost 2 years they locked themselves in the house, they were finally able to enjoy the beauty of dining in public places again. This is also seen by the increasing number of new restaurants and cafes that have sprung up here and there. Of course, this phenomenon is quite interesting: the culture of hanging out while enjoying a cup of coffee has become a new trend.

In detail, Wall Street English will discuss the differences between the restaurant and cafe, along with their significance. Meanwhile, you can choose the right place to enjoy your food during lunch and dinner.

What is a restaurant?

When viewed from the meaning in the dictionary, the word ‘restaurant’ refers to a place which serves food and drinks. The type of restaurant can also serve different types of food and there are exclusively refers to a building, room or even outdoor places.

Today, the context of a restaurant is more likely to describe a place where one can get a decent meal. Therefore, the only purpose for people to come there is to eat according to their variety of foods, ambience of a restaurant and in fast paced. This characteristic is important to be highlighted because it will draw the line with the concept of a cafe.

What is a cafe?

Lexically, ‘cafe’ is a smaller form of restaurant. Similar to that, this word is also included as a noun. However, food or drinks that are usually served at cafes are more likely just refreshments or snacks. Although there may be some choices of food such as western cuisine, they mainly serve coffee, tea, pastries, sweets and any other culinary signatures. 

Talking about coffee, cafes usually serve different types of coffees for their customers. With such a concept, people who visit the cafe do not just go there to eat, but also to hang out, co-working space, meetings as they can enjoy their coffee and have an enjoyable time.

What’s the key difference between a restaurant and a cafe?

Basically, the difference between a cafe and a restaurant is only in the concept and purpose. Restaurants are more likely to be places to find food for those who really want to eat. People go there to enjoy the food they serve. Therefore, their strengths will be more focused on the offered flavors. It is different from cafes. Cafe is similar to a coffee shop. Sometimes, their customers want to go there merely for their atmosphere and the place’s ambience. They need a place to carry out their activities, thus, they choose cafes. On this basis, cafes will tend to emphasize interior decoration, themes, concepts, menu signatures, and so on.


So that is a little discussion about the differences between restaurants and cafes. Even though it looks trivial, their existence can make a significant contribution to your lifestyle – especially if you tend to the urban one. That way, you can understand where to go when you are hungry or when you want to find a new place to do your chores.

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