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Proficiency for Your Business Team & Executives

With increasing global competition in the commercial market, the need for Business English proficiency (as a part of English studies for specific purposes) is very much relevant in the modern age. Business teams and executives must master language skills that can support the various needs of today's corporate stakeholders.

A Flexible English course

based on your Company & Business Needs

As one of the most notable English teaching brands, Wall Street English has been trusted by various multinational companies and is spread across 29 countries globally. Our Business English course is designed in a specific way by linguistic experts and business practitioners with years of experience in their respective fields: making a learning product that is proven to be effective, adaptive, and flexible.

Every program that we offer can be tailored to each person according to their needs. It is not specific to the corporate level. It can also be customized to suit other levels of adaptive needs, such as branch offices, departments, and even certain divisions.

We also update our various program designs based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in the English education field. Our courses promote a friendly approach with the latest technology and research that upholds two types: Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) for formal education. Synchronous, Asynchronous and Informal Digital Learning English (IDLE) for informal learning support.

These approaches align with our features and learning media specifically offered to maximize the teaching and learning process, such as educational TV series, interactive lessons, teacher-led classes and support, etc.

What you will learn from our Business English Courses

You can learn various specific skills from our Business English Courses. The skills that are commonly requested or the ones that we recommend are:

Negotiation Skills

Relates to the ability of executives in various corporate positions to carry out negotiations, transactions, agreements ... and contracts.

Negotiating & Reaching an agreement
Relates to how executives can convey approval or disapproval related to the proper conditions that suit the needs of their business or company.

Dealing with conflict & transaction
Deals with the ability of executives, corporates, and officers to solve various problems, obstacles, and challenges through communication skills and good English.

Meeting & Presentation Skills

Meeting and presentation activities mostly require an ability to convey ideas and good public speaking skills. ... It can be achieved through our program, which explicitly emphasizes the relevant Business English activities.

Writing Reports & Effective Emails

Writing skills are also needed in the business and corporate world, especially for various legal and... administrative purposes. Our Business English program also includes an in-depth analysis of these skills and their learning efforts.

Telephoning & Cold-Calling

This ability is usually included for assistants, secretaries, front office, and other positions requiring the ... ability to answer phone calls formally and professionally.

Core Goals

of Training

As an indicator of learning success, the Business English program that we offer aims to fulfill several things:

  • Deep dive into the usage of English in the workplace
  • Develop formal communication skills
  • Increase fluency and confidence
  • Build writing proficiency
  • Advance Reading
  • Personal Branding


What is a

Business English Course?

Business English is one of the fields of study that is included in English language teaching and learning. As one of the fields that responds to certain needs, the focus of this study is usually discussed more deeply in English for specific purposes. Business English is usually given to those who need an in-depth proficiency in fields related to professionalism, corporations, and also businesses.

How Long is a

Business English Course?

At Wall Street English, the length of study will vary depending on the requirements of the client, such as learning needs, achievement of learning targets, comprehension, etc. It allows our programs to take place over weeks, months, and even semesters.

What are the

Basics of Business English?

At Wall Street English, the length of study will vary depending on the requirements of the client, such as learning needs, achievement of learning targets, comprehension, etc. It allows our programs to take place over weeks, months, and even semesters.

Where can I

Practice Business English?

The best place to practise Business English is through our courses at Wall Street English. As one of the trusted programs with well-known trademarks worldwide, we provide services with international quality. Our clients, as well as alumni, are spread across many well-known branded companies, cover a wide range of markets and industries, and are connected to an extensive network.

Best place to learn English? It is with us, Wall Street English! You will not regret it because we are built to be the best, by the best – Wall Street English: with us, you can Go Further!

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