Dateline or Deadline – What’s the difference?

Dateline or Deadline? Do you know about the differences between them?

Welcome back to the ‘Learn English Today’ session by Wall Street English. Let’s explore the difference between the terms dateline or deadline today.

Learn English Today – dateline or deadline

It is confusing for some people to differentiate both words because of the similarity of pronunciation. Even so, it needs to be emphasized that their pronunciation is not a homophone. Thus, it is unsurprising that people will put them in the wrong application. Looking into the contextual meaning, the dateline or deadline is entirely different.

What is the term dateline?

Dateline is a combination of two other words: ‘date’, which is used to refer to a particular time period, and ‘line’ means a two-dimensional mark on a surface, usually used to join two separate points. The combination makes a term that can be interpreted literally: (1) an imaginary line runs from one point to another, identical to the context of time; (2) the journalism term, which indicates a specific time the newspaper article or news article was created or published.

What is the term deadline?

As for this term, the forming combination contains the word ‘dead’: it acts as an adjective and means finish, complete, or exact. As a result, the term ‘deadline’ will be formed: the time limit or how long a period will last. This term is the proper one to use in the context of completion, whether assignments, tasks, homework, projects, etc.

What’s the difference between dateline and deadline?

From the discussion above, it can be concluded that whether dateline or deadline have quite significant differences, especially in the words that form them, as well as the meaning and context of use. Indeed, this difference must be realized, so proper usage does become a habit in the work culture.


As for the closing, here you go with some example sentences from Wall Street English for you to understand both applications better. 

  1.       Dateline
  •       The dateline for this news is October 12th, 1988; it is yesterday’s newspaper, for god sake!
  •       Your schedule was arranged for the GMT +7 dateline.
  1.       Deadline
  •         Do not forget, your deadline is tomorrow!
  •         I got no deadline for this assignment; chill out!

Extra Notes

Detained Explanation of Dateline: Cambridge Dictionary
Detained Explanation of Deadline: Cambridge Dictionary

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