Color or colour? Which is the correct one?

Color or colour? Which is the correct one?

Color or Colour

Still, Wall Street English is the best place for you to learn English! Previously, several articles of ours had discussed similar word pairs in English, whether they have identical meanings, come from the same root word, or the ambiguity resulting from the presence of sounds that seem to be the same.

And in this article, we will once again discuss the word pair phenomena, i.e., color or colour. Indeed, these two words are also confusing at first glance, seeing that they both appear in various sentence contexts. Then what is their significance? To answer such a question, we will discuss it thoroughly.

Color or Colour? Which is the correct one?

Viewed from their form, the difference between those two is only in the presence of a vowel: the ‘u’. Undoubtedly, it is not so significant since both are considered correct. Either color or colour, both can be included in a sentence, context, or any discourse that you want to make by using such words.

Based on their lexical feature, these two words have the same meaning: the appearance attribute of a visible object resulting from exposure to light. Both also have the same part of speech, i.e., as a noun that can stand as a subject, object, or complement. Likewise, the way they are pronounced more or less is also the same.

So apart from their forms, what differences make them considerable? The only difference, either for color or colour, is in the social and demographic context of the language: those which use ‘u’ is the standard British English style of writing, while the other is for the United States one.

Why are these two words spelled differently?

To answer this question, it is necessary to discuss a little about the historical aspects. It is closely related to the work of an expert, scientist, historian, statesman, as well as a linguist: “the” Noah Webster. Of course, many people easily recognize his name, especially from the existence of the Merriam-Webster dictionary as an official English America reference.

In the first half of the 19th century, Webster attempted to perfect the American style. One of them is by changing the pronunciation of various vocabularies to be shorter, logical, and independent of the influence of other languages’ exposure. It is what makes many words in the American style have different writing from the British one – including color and colour.


Hence, color or colour? It’s only about the same term that have different English spellings in these two words. Due to the implementation of spelling revisions in the late 1700s and early 1800s, color is now the standard spelling in American English. In the UK and other Commonwealth nations, the spelling for color is favored. Both versions are accurate. However, it is customary to choose the version that the audience for whom you are writing prefers.

Learning English can be very confusing. Especially for those of you non-natives who really learned this language from zero. But do not worry, you can join English Courses at Wall Street English and enhance your English skills!

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