Aunty or Auntie – Which one is more suitable?

Aunty or Auntie? Which is the correct one?

Wall Street English has been starting to help people go further with the English language since 1972. Aunty or Auntie?

In this ‘Learn English Today’ session, Wall Street English will tell the difference between two words: Aunty and Auntie.

These two words often appear, but maybe many of you are still confused about their use. Hence, Wall Street English is here now to explore with you all about the differences of Aunty and Auntie! 

Learn English Today – Aunty or Auntie

The existence of these two words may often be found in various contexts, especially on topics related to mentioning or involving family members.

Yes, both aunty and auntie come from the same root word, i.e., aunt. Looking at the lexical definition, aunt is a noun that can refer to a family member, particularly a sibling from one’s parents or an uncle’s wife.

But not only that, as a form of address, this word is also commonly used to refer to older female relatives. Along with its development, this word then progressed to its present forms.

What is Aunty?

Aunty is an informal version of the word aunt. Based on the socio-linguistic perspective, this word usually indicates a higher level of intimacy than its root word.

That is why it appears more often in contexts that refer to closer-bond relatives or nuclear family relationships. In addition, from the study of morphology, the word aunty has a form closer to the British English style and is frequently used in British. 

What is Auntie?

Although the term Auntie is also an informal term, certainly, there are still significant differences between them. The most visible difference is in the morphological aspect, where this word form tends to be an American English which means Auntie is frequently used in American.

In addition, the emergence of this word also tends to be younger – a result of the dynamics of progress in the era of technological sophistication and social media. Therefore this language can be said as slang. As for usage, auntie has the same application as aunt and aunty above.

Differences between Aunty and Auntie

Based on the discussion, it can be concluded that, although aunty and auntie are informal forms of the word aunt, each still has significant differences.

It can be seen from the context of their use, which is specific to a certain cultural background. As for usage, they are both in a fairly proper form – it just needs to be underlined that both are appropriate for use in a more informal context. 

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Of course, there are a lot of language phenomena like aunty and auntie out there. Some of them even have specifications that are more complex and contradictory than this discussion.

In Wall Street English, you can always have the easiest way to understand these forms of English! The various English courses provided by Wall Street English will help you understand the most appropriate context of English so that you will not face any dilemmas when encountering such phenomena. Wall Street English – Built to be the best, by the best!

Extra Notes

Detained Explanation of Aunty: Cambridge Dictionary
Detained Explanation of Auntie: Cambridge Dictionary

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