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Professional English


The PRO English programme has 3 levels of learning. With Wall Street English, you'll do more than learn English, you'll learn how to use English effectively in a professional environment. PRO courses represent a completely different way of approaching teaching English for our career minded students. Our goal is to teach you to use the language you are already learning in our standard levels, and apply them, in confidence, in professional situations. In addition to our general English course, with our PRO courses, you will learn important new skills and hundreds of new words related to real-life business situations, and then use these new skills and words in your workplace immediately after finishing PRO encounters.

Introduced in 2012 due to the increasing English language needs in international business environments, Wall Street English created 3 additional levels to help students acquire the language skills needed for their personal and professional objectives. Our new levels introduce vocabulary and skills that you need to handle daily tasks effectively in an English-speaking professional environment. The skills you learn will increase in complexity as you move through the three different levels.


WAYSTAGE PRO introduces you to the basic administrative and managerial skills required in most professional environments. Upon successful completion of WAYSTAGE PRO, you will be able to:

  • Receive and record regular phone messages in English
  • Negotiate with distributors and suppliers
  • Record meetings notes
  • Complete a self-evaluation performance review
  • Make travel arrangements and meeting schedules
  • Participate in conference calls with ease and confidence
  • Speak to a superior or line manager in a formal manner
  • Prepare simple but effective business presentations


UPPER WAYSTAGE PRO builds upon the skills learned in WAYSTAGE PRO and provides more complex and challenging scenarios. Upon successful completion of UPPER WAYSTAGE PRO, you will be able to:

  • Handle important business calls when a manager is not available
  • Present ideas in meetings and cope with any level of meeting
  • Evaluate and report on performance of other employees
  • Plan and deliver a PowerPoint presentation
  • Define selection criteria for an employment interview
  • Conduct employment interviews
  • Evaluate interviewees after an interview


THRESHOLD PRO challenges you to combine your professional talents with your knowledge of English. At this point in your English language training, you will learn more advanced managerial-level scenarios. Upon successful completion of THRESHOLD PRO, you will be able to:

  • Plan and arrange a conference
  • Lead a meeting with ease and confidence
  • Assess risk and reward in a business environment or for projects
  • Discuss a company's business objectives, mission and brand values
  • Justify and follow procedure for dismissing staff for unsatisfactory performance
  • Create and present information in visual or chart form
  • Visit and lead delegations to overseas business trips or offices

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