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Course Structure


At Wall Street English we offer a customized curriculum rather than standard courses. We tailor everything to your needs to make sure you reach the goal you want whether it’s learning English for business, your career, travel or fun! Our English course is designed around a sitcom style storyline keeping you engaged. Our levels are built around the Global Scale of English (GSE) with over 20 levels of English.

  • The Wall Street English experience is personalized and most importantly, flexible. You can study online anytime, anywhere. You can study in our centers or at home. You can even book classes online to fit in with your schedule.
  • You can also start your course when you want and you will have a level test to make sure your course starts at the best level for you. We have 20 different levels and a student dashboard so you can see your personal progress at any time.


At Wall Street English we offer courses tailored to your specific needs, specially designed to place you at the right level so you can study at your own pace and reach the goal you want.
Our courses are designed around an engaging Hollywood-style TV sitcom. Which includes over 100 fun characters, representing 30 different accents from around the world. Our storylines include characters from all walks of life, who you will follow from the start of their journey to reaching their dreams!

Follow the stories of Shen and Benny as they struggle to make it big in America, whilst having fun in New York! Be part of the team with Khae and Marco as they succeed in the global business world through English. Sample the success of Sophie as she creates her career in creative cookery! Meet our characters in this video.



Wall Street English offers 20 levels of English for students ranging from beginners to advanced. Our course includes extra classes for those just starting to learn English, business-related content at all levels, and additional curriculum at the higher levels of English to support our more advanced students.


Every week you can learn 10 new abilities for using English through over 750 functional Learning Objectives (reading, writing, speaking, listening) plus over 500 enabling skills. These small learning objectives mean you focus on what you can DO with language rather than old grammatical terms.
  • If you are a beginner you will learn how to introduce yourself, tell the time, talk about where you live, share your likes and dislikes and many other useful topics.
  • If you are an intermediate learner you will learn how to deal with parts of daily life in English such as travel, your job, eating, shopping. You will be able to talk about the plot of a book or your favourite film and even explain problems to a doctor in English.
  • If you are a more advanced learner, you will be able to talk about your professional experience, share your thoughts and opinions on current affairs and global topics. Debate and discuss world news. Learn colloquial expressions and understand jokes in English!


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