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Personalize your Wall Street English course with English Fit.

Wall Street English offers specialized English classes that focus on using English in business situations. English is the cornerstone of the modern global business world. It is the common thread that makes international trade and diplomacy possible. The outcome of an important deal may depend on whether you can react to subtle phrases and double meanings. English Fit for Business classes from Wall Street English are specifically designed to help professionals like you negotiate with confidence in English.

With English Fit for Business you will learn how to:

  • Represent your company with confidence

  • Enhance your business-related verbal skills

  • Negotiate confidently in meetings, face to face and on the phone

  • Write stylish yet professional business correspondence

  • Avoid cultural misunderstandings

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Limitless Possibilities Await
You at Wall Street English!
Limitless Possibilities Await
You at Wall Street English!