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The first Wall Street English centre was established in Italy in 1972, by its founder Dr. Luigi Peccenini. Using the proprietary Wall Street English MultiMethod® blended learning model, Wall Street English is now recognised as the premium provider and global leader in English language training for adults. With a strong presence in Asia, Wall Street English operates in over 450 centres in 27 countries and regions worldwide.

Having successfully taught over 2 million students worldwide, Wall Street English is committed to global education, and continues to be the international brand of choice in English language education for adults.

Wall Street English was owned by Pearson Education (Pearson Plc.), the international publication, education and information giant, through the end of 2017. Together with their high quality brands such as The Financial Times and the Penguin Group, Wall Street English provides students with access not only to an outstanding English language learning course, but also important business information, multimedia services and classic English literature. As the leading education services company, distributing to over 60 countries and helping to educate over 100 million people around the world, Pearson is serious about evolving how the world learns. Note: Wall Street English is no longer owned by Pearson Education as of February 2018.


  • 2012

    Celebrating 40 years of Teaching English to the world

  • 2011

    Over 450 centers in 28 countries and regions worldwide

  • 2010

    Became a subsidiary of Pearson Group, the largest education company in the world

  • 2008

    Over 400 centers in 27 countries and regions worldwide

  • 2005

    Became a subsidiary of Carlyle Group, USA, one of the top companies in the world

  • 2004

    Achieved ISO9001:2000 certification, becoming the first global English Language training organization in the world to receive this top quality recognition

  • 1995

    102 centers in 8 countries worldwide

  • 1990

    Set up international headquarters in Spain

  • 1972

    Founded in Italy by Dr. Luigi Peccenini


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